EMDR Therapy can be an effective psychotherapy treatment for disturbing life experiences. EMDR therapy targets painful events and transforms them on an emotional level.

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Experiencing trauma is an altogether life-altering event. Almost 15 million Americans experience some form of trauma throughout their life. But what happens when those traumatic life experiences begin to impact moving forward?

Certain forms of therapy exist to help trauma sufferers move past their past. One such form of psychotherapy treatment is that of EMDR. Also known as Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing.

This treatment modality utilizes the brain’s natural healing powers through the processing of traumatic images, emotions, and sensations. Curious to know more? Continue reading for a quick overview of this treatment and how it works.

What Happens During Treatment?

EMDR Therapy treatment is administered via a phased approach. With sessions typically lasting around 90 minutes. Sessions focus on the past, present, and future in order to fully address issues.

During a session, your therapist will address the various phases which include:

  • Take note of and assess client readiness
  • Stress reduction techniques
  • Identify stressful targets
  • Keeping a log
  • Examining progress made

During the session, your therapist will use finger movements, hand tapping, toe-tapping, or musical tones during which you will be told to recall painful events. You will then follow your therapist’s movements with your eyes.

All the while, your therapist will be guiding you to shift your thoughts toward a more pleasant state.

Rewrite Negative Thinking

One of the most helpful benefits of EMDR therapy is how it rewrites distorted thinking. Negative self-talk can be a common occurrence. We may not even realize how often we let critical or self-deprecating statements filter into our innermost thoughts.

EMDR helps get to the root of where these distortions originate. The process will also help you learn to reframe unrealistic self-talk into more positive, realistic thoughts.

By way of re-wiring thoughts into more positive ones, EMDR also helps boost confidence and general overall mood.

Emotional Transformation

We all have difficulty finding confidence or visualizing overall success at times. However, when negative thinking hinders progress or interferes with your self-worth on a regular basis, a treatment like EMDR can help.

Feeling bogged down by heavy or negative thinking is something EMDR helps erase. It helps by starting with the visualization of previous negative experiences. As you work through them, you’ll be able to retrieve those memories without feeling associated distress.

The release of perpetual distressing thoughts leads to greater self-esteem. You’ll then be armed with the ability to move forward with happiness.

Heal Your Life Experiences

Feeling empowered to fully live your life after experiencing traumatic events is exactly what EMDR is built to do.

Recovering from trauma is possible. The virtual therapy services I offer will help you heal in order to continue your journey toward new life experiences.  If you’re currently suffering from anxiety, panic, or unresolved trauma, I am here to help.

Our sessions provide a safe space for your healing journey to begin. Please don’t hesitate to reach out today to ask any questions or schedule a free intro call with me.

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