Going through a difficult breakup can be one of the most challenges experiences in life. Whether it was an amicable decision or one filled with conflict, the pain and heartache of being separated from someone you love can be hard to bear. But despite how difficult it is, there are ways to make the process easier on yourself and start healing. Here’s an overview of some tips for surviving a difficult breakup.

Be Kind to Yourself

The first step in recovering from a difficult breakup is to show yourself kindness. This means allowing yourself time and space to grieve. Don’t be afraid to take days off work if you need them, or use your lunch breaks as time for reflection or rest. It’s also important to give yourself permission to feel what you’re feeling; don’t try to suppress your emotions by “putting on a brave face” or trying not to cry. 

Allow yourself room for sadness, anger, disappointment whatever comes up without judgement. This includes allowing yourself time to grieve the loss of the relationship, even if it was not a good one. It can feel uncomfortable and painful, but it is important that you allow yourself this time in order to fully heal. The path won’t always be comfortable but it will help you move through your emotions faster so that you can heal more quickly. 

Create A Support Network 

Friends offering support by holding hands.
The next step is building a strong support network around you that understands what you’re going through and can offer both emotional and practical support when needed. Make sure you have people who will listen without judgement and provide helpful advice when asked for it.
If friends and family aren’t available, consider seeking out professional counseling or joining an online community geared toward helping people get through breakups in healthy ways — this could include therapy sessions or support groups focused on healing after breakups, which are often offered at mental health centers or libraries near you. 

Focus On Self-Care 

Finally, while it may seem counterintuitive at times, focusing on self-care during this period is key in making sure your emotional well-being remains intact throughout this process of going through a difficult breakup. Take some time each day for activities that bring joy and peace such as yoga, reading a book, spending time outdoors, etc., as these activities can help reduce stress levels while increasing endorphins that promote positive emotions like happiness and contentment during difficult times like these ones.

Additionally, eating healthy meals full of nutrients that nourish your body has been proven to improve moods over time, so it is important to make sure you’re getting enough of those too.

Create Goals For The Future 

Creating achievable goals for yourself can help give purpose and direction during this difficult period of transition. These goals do not have to be huge life changes; they could be as simple as learning how to cook new recipes or finally tackling that home improvement project you’ve been meaning to do for years.

By having something specific to strive towards, it will help keep your mind off of the difficult breakup and what has happened in the past, and instead focus on what lies ahead in the future.  


Breakups are never easy but they don’t have to be debilitating either; with the right approach and attitude towards healing after a difficult breakup, you can come out stronger than ever before. By being kind to yourself, creating a strong support network, focusing on self-care activities that bring joy daily, and creating goals for the future – you can start the journey towards rebuilding your life post-breakup in no time.

So if you or someone close to you is going through a difficult breakup right now – remember that there’s always hope for brighter days ahead. Schedule a free 15-minute intro call to learn about how therapy with me can help. 

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