Welcome to my website! I am a psychotherapist offering telehealth therapy sessions for those in Florida, New York, and Connecticut. In addition to talk therapy, I have seen the wonderful benefits of adding clinical hypnosis as a service option. I specialize in anxiety and parenting management, and often incorporate hypnosis into my sessions for those open to trying it. By providing individualized support and evidence-based interventions, I aim to help people overcome challenges, improve their mental health, and cultivate stronger relationships.

There are some situations when therapy with me may not be the best fit. For example, my practice is not appropriate for people who are looking to pay for therapy using their insurance. My practice is not a suitable fit for people who are contemplating suicide, have serious mental health issues like psychosis, or are only looking for medication management. I am also not the therapist for those who want in-person therapy sessions or for those outside my service area.

3 of the best hypnotherapists in Florida

Below is a list of therapists who provide hypnosis in Florida. Hypnotherapists treat a variety of different issues by speaking directly to a person’s subconscious mind. The goal is to promote mental wellness and create lasting change so that one may live their best life.

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1. Gayle Weill, LCSW – Florida hypnotherapy

Gayle Weill is a psychotherapist currently offering telehealth psychotherapy sessions to people in Florida, New York, and Connecticut. Gayle has additional certifications and training in Hypnosis, Child-Parent Psychotherapy, and EMDR. She also has national accreditation as an Adoption-Competent therapist. She is a Circle of Security-Parenting facilitator, which is a program that promotes the attachment bond between parents and their young children. Gayle is an anxiety specialist who uses a variety of techniques to help her clients alleviate symptoms of anxiety to reduce stress in everyday life.

  • Credentials: Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW), Certified Hypnotherapist (CH)
  • Education: Masters in Social Work – Yeshiva University, Certified Practitioner of Hypnosis – American School of Hypnosis
  • Google rating: 5 stars
  • Specialty area(s): Hypnosis for anxiety treatment
  • Years in practice: 11 years as a psychotherapist, 7 years utilizing clinical hypnosis in psychotherapy sessions
  • Link to hypnotherapist’s website: Florida hypnosis webpage
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2. Gary M. Forrest, Ph.D., LMFT, CH – Hypnotist Florida

Dr. Forrest is certified in practicing hypnosis. He is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who also offers hypnotherapy services in his psychotherapy practice. Therapists who offer hypnotherapy add a depth to their services that go beyond just talk therapy. Dr. Forrest is a well-educated professional who has been in practice for several years, making him a trustworthy choice for one pursuing hypnosis.

  • Credentials: Masters andPh.D. in Marriage and Family Therapy (LMFT), Certified Hypnotherapist (CH)
  • Education: Norwich University, B.A., 1976 Nova Southeastern University, M.S., Marriage & Family Therapy Nova Southeastern University Ph.D., Marriage & Family Therapy
  • Google rating: 4.2 stars
  • Specialty area(s): Relationship issues, alternative lifestyle issues, substance abuse, and issues of anger and rage.
  • Years in practice: 15 years
  • Link to hypnotherapist’s website: Florida hypnosis webpage

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3. Samara Quintero- Hypnotist in Florida

Samara Quintero is certified in practicing hypnosis. She is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who also offers hypnotherapy services in her psychotherapy practice. Samara is a well-educated professional who has been in practice for several years, making her a trustworthy choice for one pursuing hypnosis.

  • Credentials: Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT), Certified Hypnotherapist (CH)
  • Education: B.A. in Psychology, minor in Criminal Justice; M.A. in Marriage and Family Therapy from Nova Southeastern University.
  • Google rating: N/A
  • Specialty area(s): Trauma, Anxiety, Depression, Self-Esteem, Personal Development, and Family Issues
  • Years in practice: 8 years
  • Link to hypnotherapist’s website: Florida hypnosis webpage

FAQs about hypnotherapy in FL

The success rate varies depending on individual factors and the nature of the issue being addressed. Research suggests that it can be effective for a range of conditions, including weight loss, gaining confidence, anxiety, fears, phobias, smoking cessation, grief, and pain management. However, it’s essential to recognize that each person’s experience is unique, and outcomes may vary. While many people report positive results and significant improvement in their symptoms, hypnosis may not be effective for everyone, and certain outcomes are not guaranteed.

The reality is that we’re constantly being hypnotized without realizing it. Hypnosis is defined as being open to suggestion. It involves the subconscious mind absorbing messages, influencing beliefs and behavior. Even when we’re not fully attentive, like during TV commercials, our subconscious mind is still receptive. That impulse buy at the grocery store? It might lead back to that commercial.

Changing subconscious beliefs can be tough due to ingrained habits, and one’s resistance can limit hypnosis’s effectiveness. If one is not ready or doesn’t want to be hypnotized, they won’t be. Hypnosis is not mind control; you’ll snap out of it if the message doesn’t resonate. Repetition helps the subconscious mind reinforce new beliefs. So, if you went to a hypnotist before and it didn’t work? It’s a good idea to try it a few more times for it to be effective because when it’s effective, it can really make a difference in the lives of many.

In Florida, hypnotherapists are not licensed by the state. However, they can obtain certification through recognized organizations such as the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH) or the American School of Hypnosis. The certification process typically involves completing a certain number of training hours, passing written and practical exams, and adhering to ethical standards and continuing education requirements.

As a professional in the field, I have certification from the American School of Hypnosis, ensuring that I meet rigorous standards of training and expertise in hypnosis. With eleven years of experience as a psyhotherapist, and seven of those years hypnotherapy certified, I am committed to providing safe, effective, and ethical services to my clients in Florida.

While beneficial for many individuals, it may not be suitable for everyone. People with certain mental health conditions such as schizophrenia, psychosis, or severe personality disorders may not be suitable candidates for hypnotherapy due to the potential risk of exacerbating symptoms or causing disorientation. Additionally, individuals who are unwilling or unable to engage in the hypnosis process may not benefit from this treatment approach.

For these populations, alternative treatment modalities such as cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), medication management, and psychoeducation may be more appropriate. These approaches offer evidence-based interventions tailored to specific mental health conditions and can provide effective symptom relief and support for individuals who are not suitable candidates for clinical hypnosis. It’s essential for individuals to consult with healthcare professionals to determine the most suitable treatment approach based on their unique needs and circumstances.

Hypnosis can help you tap into your healing potential.


I have found that therapy can be very effective when there is a combination of talk therapy and hypnosis used. When someone has difficulty changing their thought patterns or actions, it’s often due to something subconscious, or a deeper issue. This is when I explore the option of using clinical hypnosis with my clients. For more information, or to schedule a free 15 minute phone consultation to see if hypnosis is right for you, please contact me.

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